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VELUX Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night Blackout Blinds

  • Blackout blinds with your favourite Star Wars characters.
  • Creates optimal sleeping conditions by effectively blocking all incoming light.
  • Oeko-Tex® certificatied to provide you the ultimate health protection.

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The Force is strong with the Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night Collection 
The Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night Collection is a range of blackout blinds designed to let your little ones drift off to sleep. These high-quality blackout blinds guarantee an optimal blackout effect at any room, and create the perfect sleeping conditions - both day and night.


Feel the Force with 4 exciting designs
This collection offers 4 unique designs for tough Jedi knights and other adventurers. All designs offer a light-tight seal for darkness and ensure to take your little ones to a galaxy far, far away.


Tested to give you the best blackout effect
The blinds are made of a dirt-resistant OEKO-TEX® fabric consisting of three layers; a polyester layer facing the room, a light- tight intermediate layer, and a special aluminium coating on the back. The aluminium coating blocks out the light while improving insulation by reducing heat from the sun in the summer and retaining heat in the winter. The cords are made of durable polyester.


The blinds run in sleek side rails made of natural anodised aluminium that are painted black on the inside to prevent light leakage around the edges. 


Installs quickly and easily with VELUX Pick&Click!™
Our VELUX blinds feature our unique Pick&Click mounting system, making installation easy and ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Available in 4 different designs.

Easy installation with the VELUX Pick&Click!™ system

All manually operated interior VELUX blinds are very simple to install thanks to the unique Pick&Click!™ system. This means that the majority of VELUX roof windows are fitted with pre-installed brackets to ease installation and help you achieve a perfect fit every time. Simply choose a blind and snap into place and you will have both hands free for the remaining part of the installation. 

In case your roof window for some reason don't have pre-installed brackets, we always make sure to include these as well when you order a blind. Don't worry, these are easy to install too. The brackets are also available to purchase as a spare part. If you wish to order these, please contact our customer services. 

Installation instructions similar to those below will of course also be included when you purchase a blind. All other installation instruction PDFs and videos can be found on the installation page.