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Solstro DUR Blackout Blind-Multi-Fit-Manual Operation

  •  Provides maximum blackout effect anytime of the day
  •  Reduces warmth on sunny days to improve the energy balance of your house
  •  4 elegant colours to match virtually any interior


Extreme blackout 
Solstro's blackout blinds deliver extreme blackout effect to your bedrooms, so you have the perfect environment for a good night’s sleep. You can even use the blinds to turn day into night for daytime napping. Solstro blackout blinds are also useful if you are working on a monitor, watching TV or sitting in the path of the sun and want to block out direct sunlight. You can adjust the level of light from slightly dimmed to complete darkness. Blackout blinds are available in white, grey, dark blue or beige. The blinds are guaranteed for 2 years.


Durable materials 
The Solstro blackout blind for roof windows is made from durable polyester and a light-resistant rubber fabric.


Safe and sleek
There are no unsightly or potentially dangerous cords and it fits totally out of sight in the aluminium frame. 


Easy to install
Install your blind in less than ten minutes with just a screwdriver and hammer. Detailed step-by-step instructions are included with every blind.


Combine with other Solstro blinds or shutters
The Solstro blackout blind can be combined with Solstro awning blinds and roller shutters for additional comfort and heat protection. 

Solstro blackout blinds are compatible with Solstro, VELUX (incl. New Models), Fakro, Optilight, Keylite, Starlite, RoofLITE, Balio and Dakstra roof windows. Not compatible with ROTO roof windows.