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One frame. More than three times the daylight - The new VELUX 3in1 roof window


Explore a new world of daylight and fresh air in your home with the VELUX GGLS 3in1 INTEGRA®roof window. The 3in1 holds three sashes in one frame allowing for an even greater influx of daylight and an extensive view to the outside. The window's slim frame and white-painted internal finish makes for an aesthetic integration into the roof. Enjoy the many benefits of a solar operated roof window including easy installation without wiring and remote control using the pre-paired wall switch or the VELUX ACTIVE app. The window can also be operated using an io-homecontrol® device or the universal wall switch 310. The middle sash is fixed and cannot be opened. The sashes to the left and right, respectively, are also equipped with an operation bar and ventilation flap to allow for manual operation. The centre-pivot GGLS 3in1 can be rotated manually up to 180 degrees, which allows for easy cleaning of the outer glass from inside the room. Using the ventilation flap, fresh air can enter your home while the window is closed. The air passes through a dust- and insect filter before entering the room. Choose from several glazing option to fit your exact needs.

  • Premium quality roof window.
  • Three sashes placed in one window for easier installation
  • Enjoy the full impact of daylight and fresh air in your home
  • Solar powered without wiring for remote operation
  • 2 glazing options: double glazed, triple glazed panes with many features available.
  • Rain-sensor automatically closes the window in the event of rain
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 15-90 degrees
  • Compatible with VELUX ACTIVE
  • Window rotates 180 degrees by manual operation for easy cleaning
  • Easily add blinds using the pre-fitted brackets in the window
  • 10 years guarantee.

Installing your window correctly will guarantee it a long lifetime and ensure it functions in an optimal way.


You will find our easy-to-use installation guide here