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Ensure a perfect installation of your VELUX roof window

VELUX flashing kits are designed to seal your VELUX roof window perfectly into the roofing material, ensuring that your window is completely weathertight, whatever the weather. The VELUX EDJ recessed flashing is designed to provide a sleek, streamlined finish as the window is installed deeper in the roof structure.

EDJ 2000 version includes BDX insulation collar as standard

Suitable for 20°- 90° roof pitches

Ideal for flat or profiled roofing materials

The VELUX EDJ recessed flashing is suitable for flat or profiled roofing material up to 90mm in profile.

Recessed installation for greater energy efficiency

Recessed flashings are installed deeper in the roof structure, so less of the window protrudes above the roofline. When installed with the appropriate VELUX insulation collar, recessed flashings deliver a lower certified u-value – saving energy and providing architects with greater design flexibility. We recommend the BDX insulation collar and BFX underfelt collar, included in EDN and EDJ 2000, for optimum energy efficiency.

Flashings come standard in grey aluminium to match the window profile and are maintenance-free