Please note: Due to the global shortage of aluminium and delays in production, we are currently experiencing some delays in the delivery of roof windows. Our apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.


Our classic roof windows are the ideal choice if you are looking for a full, open view of your skyline and wish to maximise the amount of natural daylight allowed into your room. Explore our selection below and let us help you take your project to the next level. 

Easy to operate with the top control bar - ideal even with furniture beneath

  • The VELUX and Solstro centre-pivot roof windows are ideal if you are looking for low installation 
  • The centre-pivot roof windows are convenient and easy to operate – ideal when placing furniture beneath
  • Offers an excellent view while standing and when seated
  • Available in white paint and pine finish, as well as white polyurethane
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Electric and solar powered roof windows for ultimate comfort and convenience

Available in white paint, white polyurethane or pine finishes.

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Convenient bottom handle - perfect for roof windows within easy reach

  • VELUX top-hung roof windows are operated with an elegant handle at the bottom
  • The bottom handle enables you to open the window wider enjoying more ventilation and a better panoramic view  
  • Available in white paint, pine and white polyurethane finishes

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Our special function roof windows includes a range of specialised rooflights of buildings and functions. Whether you are looking for smoke ventilation, better safety and security or simply need a roof window for your uninhabited area, we have a window for you. Explore our selection of classic roof windows below and let us help you take your project to the next level.

Added burglary resistance to keep your home extra secure

  • The VELUX security roof windows are ideal if you are looking for a a security upgrade.
  • The strengthened roof window design with strong, discreet locks in the frame and sash makes the window exceptionally resilient and keeps your home extra secure.
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The ideal choice for uninhabited and unheated rooms

  • Solstro Skylights are a multi-purpose cold room roof windows designed for non-domestic rooms such as uninhabited and unheated rooms.
  • It's ideal for lighting and ventilating lofts, roof spaces in garages or garden sheds.
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Our flat roof windows includes a range of rooflights for flat roof buildings. Whatever type of glass, shape, material or function you are looking for, we have a window for you. Explore our selection of flat roof windows below and let us help you take your project to the next level.

The ideal and discreet design choice for flat roofs

  • The VELUX flat roof windows are the perfect combination of modern design and smart function.
  • This design complements the roof with a streamlined appearance to the roofline that goes well with almost any type of architecture.
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Innovative solution for a flat roof where smoke ventilation is required

  • The VELUX smoke ventilation domes are ideal for buildings that need to meet safety requirements for smoke ventilation.
  • The design fits well into stairwells and annexes and opens automatically in case of fire to release smoke and gasses from the building.
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Easy access to the roof, terrace or in case of emergency

  • The VELUX emergency exit dome is an attractive roof access window, designed with a free exit height up to 1187 mm and a 60° opening for easy roof access.
  • Open the top with a simple push for easy and quick roof access or in case of emergency.
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