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Select your Roof Window Size, your Roof Pitch and pick the glazing that better suits you.

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A professional-quality installation

The point where the roof and the roof window meet is a critical area for entire structure of your home and our extra installation set can help you achieve the best quality installation.


Our foam collar

For optimal insulation, we recommend using the Solstro foam collar. The collar forms a seal around your window to ensure a 100% seal and fit, even in the limited space between the window and the rafters. The collar limits heat loss and allows easier error-free installation of your roof window. It comes supplied with a self-adhesive strip for a secure fit.


• Ideal for heated, domestic rooms

• Compatible with all roof window widths

• Excellent for thermal insulation

• An easy to use insulator for the narrow space just next to the window

• Designed for optimal insulation of your window

• Self-adhesive tape supplied for safe, easy installation.


Our underlay

The Solstro roofing underlay significantly reduces installation time. It consists of a tear-proof polystyrene film, that is nonwoven and is coated with a vapour-permeable polyurethane layer. Installation is much quicker because you don’t need to cut or shape the roofing underlay. The underlay is made of one seamless piece of material, so that it’s 100% watertight. Square markings on the underlay allow for precise cuts, if necessary, making installation even easier. This is a technically advanced product designed to protect the roof and the ceiling construction. It is highly resistant to fire, with a rating B1 under DIN 4102 and has an increased tolerance to temperatures of -40 ° C to +80 ° C. Tensile strength of 350 N / 5 cm (35 kgF / 5 cm) and manufactured in accordance with the DIN EN 12311 standard. Waterproof (DIN EN 13111 standard). Resistant to temperature from - 40 ° C to + 80 ° C. Can be purchased separately here.