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Ideal for hard-to-reach roof windows and blinds

The ZCA 200 telescopic roof window opener allows you to operate your bottom-operated roof windows even if they are out of reach. The pole allows you to open and close your roof windows easily to let in fresh air. This solves the problem of not being able to open or close windows mounted at height. The pole has a telescopic design that allows adjustment of four different fixed positions to fit your exact needs. The telescopic roof window opener extends your reach by up to 180 cm and has a plastic grip to secure a firm hold while operating your roof windows.


The ZCA roof window opener is compatible with all Solstro roof windows as well as VELUX bottom-operated roof windows. It can be used to open and close the windows but also to open and close the ventilation channel. This allows you to bring in fresh air to your home without having to open the window itself. The pole is also compatible manually operated blackout blinds (DUA, DHR, DUR) as well as venetian blinds (PAA, PAR). This way, you can also adjust the amount of daylight entering your home during the day.


Using the pole:

  • Adjust the length of the pole to fit the distance to your roof windows.
  • Use the specially designed head to either press into the blind grip or loop around the handle of the window.
  • Use the pole to pull or push to adjust the window or blind.
  • When finished, simply remove the head of the pole from the handle or grip.