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The perfect solution for hard-to-reach situations

The VELUX ZCT 200K Telescopic Pole is ideal if you have a GGL/GGU centre pivot roof windows that are placed out of normal reach. The rod has a hooked end, that makes it easier for the rod to hook onto the ventilation opening bar on the VELUX centre pivot roof window. The VELUX ZCT 200K Telescopic Pole is 100 cm long and extendable to 180 cm. It can also be used to operate manually operated VELUX blinds, when fitted with the correct adaptor*. Fits VELUX GGL/GGU centre pivot roof windows and all manually operated blackout blinds (DKL, DKU), roller blinds (RFL, RFU), pleated blinds (FHL, FHU, FPL, FFU), and venetian blinds (PAL, PAU) as well as the VELUX energy blind (FHC) and insect screen (ZIL). Colour: Aluminium.

*To operate blinds, you will need to purchase and install the ZOZ 085 rod adaptor.