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Solstro MIR Sunscreen Blinds-Multi-fit-Manual

  • Reduces heat from entering your home before it reaches the window.
  • Easy to install from inside your home
  • Compatible with Solstro, Dakstra, Balio roof windows

Stop heat before it reaches your room 

Solstro awning blinds for roof windows are made from a semi-translucent, PVC coated net that diffuses incoming light and prevents your room from over-heating by stopping 80% of the sunlight – without blocking your view. Solstro blinds fit Solstro windows perfectly, require no cutting or adjusting (Check sizes before ordering).

Durable protection

The Solstro awning blind protects the glass surface from rain damage while reducing rain and hail noise. Fitted out of view inside the hood of the window, the awning blind is hidden and protected when not in use. Made from rot-proof and dirt resistant PVC coated fibreglass.

Easy to install 

Install your blind in less than ten minutes with just a screwdriver and hammer. Detailed step-by-step instructions are included with every blind.