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VELUX Duo Blackout and Pleated Blind

  •  Total blackout at any time or softly diffused natural light during the day.
  •  Energy efficiency with total control over the light in your room.
  •  Available in all 24 decorative colours and patterns combined with a white pleated blind.


🚛 Estimated delivery: 6-8 working days




Two blinds in one for 24/7 blackout and daytime light adjustment
The VELUX duo blind is a combination of the classic VELUX blackout blind and a pleated blind. This combination provides the best of both worlds: total blackout for a good night’s sleep or softly diffused natural light during the day. The VELUX duo blind is an ideal solution for any room where you need the flexibility of a blackout blind and the softer light of a pleated blind, e.g. bedrooms and TV rooms.


Made from durable materials
VELUX duo blackout blinds run in sleek anodised aluminium side rails that prevent light from shining in around the edges. The control bars are also made of anodised aluminium. The blackout blind is made of a dirt resistant OEKO-TEX® fabric consisting of three layers; the layer facing the room in polyester, a light-tight intermediate layer, and a special aluminium coated layer. The aluminium coating blocks out the light and improves insulation, i.e. reduces heat from the sun in the summer and retains heat in the winter. The pleated blind is made of a translucent polyester cloth. The cords are made of wear-resistant polyester. 


Control the light as you wish
The VELUX duo blackout blind is attached to a top casing and runs in side rails that ensure smooth operation and stepless positioning in the window. The duo blackout blind has two control bars that can be adjusted independently – even though the two cloths are attached to one another. The first control bar is placed between the two cloths, the other at the bottom of the pleated cloth. This makes it easy to control how much of the incoming light to block out, how much to diffuse, and how much direct light to let into the room.


To ease the operation of a manually operated blind, you can also purchase rod controls, rod extension pieces and rod adapters.


Combine with other VELUX blinds or shutters
The awning blind can be combined with all VELUX interior blinds for additional light control and VELUX insect screen for an insect-free environment – even when your window is open.


Long-lasting VELUX quality
Quality is a major priority at VELUX. Each product is tested to ensure colour fastness, tear resistance, and optimal functionality, so you can create the ideal light conditions for your home for many years to come.


The blackout cloth on the VELUX duo blind is available in 24 different colours. The pleated cloth is white. VELUX blackout blinds are tested to give you the best blackout on the market. They offer a light-tight seal for darkness no matter the colour of the blind. The white pleated blind will help you soften the incoming light.

You should therefore feel free to choose the design that will best complement your decor. VELUX duo blackout blinds run in side channels made of natural anodised aluminium that prevent light from passing in around the edges.



Easy installation with the VELUX Pick&Click!™ system
All manually operated interior VELUX blinds are very simple to install thanks to the unique Pick&Click!™ system. This means that the majority of VELUX roof windows are fitted with pre-installed brackets to ease installation and help you achieve a perfect fit every time. Simply choose a blind and snap into place and you will have both hands free for the remaining part of the installation.


In case your roof window for some reason don't have pre-installed brackets, we always make sure to include these as well when you order a blind. Don't worry, these are easy to install too. The brackets are also available to purchase as a spare part. If you wish to order these, please contact our customer services.


Installation instructions similar to those below will of course also be included when you purchase a blind, but you can also view them in PDF here - DFD Manual Duo Blackout blinds installation guide.