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VELUX Solar Awning Blind for VELUX Flat Roof Windows

  • Efficient heat protection - reduce solar gain by an impressive 76%.
  • Control your blinds remotely with convenient remote control operation.
  • Adds a personal, stylish and decorative touch to your room.


🚛 Estimated delivery: 6-8 working days




Keep the light in – and the heat out 
The VELUX solar powered awning blind is designed to stop strong sunlight and heat for flat roof windows with clear domes. This blind softens the incoming light and reduces the solar energy gain by an impressive 76%.


The VELUX awning blinds for flat roof windows feature a PVC coated net fabric. The VELUX awning blind is white and installed from the outside, between the dome and the window. it is solar powered and part of the io-homecontrol® system and therefore with stepless positioning and compatible with other io-homecontrol® labelled products.


The blinds run in sleek side channels made from white-lacquered aluminium that prevent light from shining in around the edges.


Solar powered and remote control
The VELUX awning blind for flat roof windows is a solar powered blind operated with a remote control. This means that you can control simply use the remote control to regulate the heat and light levels entering through your window, from everywhere in your room. If necessary, the solar powered blind can of course also be operated manually (CVP flat roof window only), but seeing that the battery is good for up to 600 operations even if there is no sun for recharging, there should be no need to.


Combine with other VELUX blinds or shutters
The awning blind can also be combined with VELUX interior blinds for additional light control.


Long-lasting VELUX quality 
Quality is a major priority at VELUX. Each product is tested to ensure colour fastness, tear resistance, and optimal functionality, so you can create the ideal light conditions for your home for many years to come.


This blind is available for CSP, CFP and CVP in the following sizes: MSG 100100, MSG 100150, MSG 090090 and in the following colours: 6090WL.


VELUX awning blinds for flat roof windows are made pvc coated net fabric. The side channels are made from stylish white-lacquered aluminium.



Operating the blinds
Solar powered blinds with stepless positioning are operated by the remote control supplied with the blind. You can control the blind from anywhere in your room and enjoy all the features of the io-homecontrol® functionality, including the possibility to programme the blind to open and close at specific pre-defined times.


If necessary, the solar powered blind be operated manually. The battery is rated for up to 600 operations, even if there is no sun.