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VELUX Venetian Blind - Manual Operation

  • Intuitively adjust the amount and direction of incoming light in your room.
  • Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and other humid rooms.
  • Easy, cordless operation with the integrated control bar.

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Complete control of the incoming light in your rooms
The VELUX Venetian blind is the perfect solution for rooms where you want to adjust the amount, direction and atmosphere of the incoming light. The blinds can be positioned inside the window and the slats can be tilted and angled to give you ultimate control over the light in your rooms. Venetian blinds are great kitchens and bathrooms, and turn an ordinary room into a space of true beauty.


Made for daily use
VELUX Venetian blinds are made from 35 mm lacquered aluminium slats that run in anodised aluminium side channels. The channel design prevents light from shining around the edges, creating a tight seal. The cords are made of wear-resistant polyester.


Moisture-resistant - Perfect for humid rooms
The combination of durable, water and stain resistant materials makes them the ideal solution for kitchens, bathrooms and other humid rooms.


Find the perfect blind for your home
The VELUX Venetian blind is available in 9 colours to match with your home décor. 


Combine with other VELUX blinds or shutters
VELUX Venetian blinds can also be combined with VELUX awning blinds and roller shutters for additional heat protection. Combine with VELUX insect screens for an insect-free environment – even when your window is open. 


Long-lasting VELUX quality 
Quality is a major priority at VELUX. Each product is tested to ensure colour fastness, tear resistance, and optimal functionality, so you can create the ideal light conditions for your home for many years to come.



Available in 9 classic colours
Yes, the slats on the venetian blinds are all 35 mm wide and made of lacquered aluminium. VELUX venetian blinds run in sleek side channels made of natuarl anodised aluminium that prevent light from passing in around the edges.  



Easy installation with the VELUX Pick&Click!® system
All manually operated interior VELUX blinds are very simple to install thanks to the unique Pick&Click!® system. This means that the majority of VELUX roof windows are fitted with pre-installed brackets to ease installation and help you achieve a perfect fit every time. Simply choose a blind and snap into place and you will have both hands free for the remaining part of the installation.


In case your roof window for some reason don't have pre-installed brackets, we always make sure to include these as well when you order a blind. Don't worry, these are easy to install too. The brackets are also available to purchase as a spare part. If you wish to order these, please contact our customer services.


Installation instructions similar to those below will of course also be included when you purchase a blind. All other installation instruction PDFs and videos can be found on the installation page.