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VELUX top-hung roof windows – Bring natural daylight into your home
Enjoy amazing views and lots of bright, natural daylight with a VELUX top-hung roof window. Bottom-operated VELUX top-hung roof windows open outwards to give panoramic views of your skyline while maximising the amount of daylight that flows in. The bottom-operation places operation within easy reach, so you can open the window quickly and enjoy fresh air in seconds. VELUX top-hung roof windows can be opened to 45 degrees.

High quality white painted finish
White-painted roof windows are painted then coated with a water-based lacquer, sealing and protecting the wood from dirt and moisture. The bright white finish works with all modern interiors and is low maintenance, staying beautiful longer than an unpainted window.


Boost your home’s comfort while saving on your energy bills with ThermoTechnology™. VELUX ThermoTechnology places high-performance energy-efficient materials directly into the window construction, increasing the insulating properties of the window and creating an airtight seal. Look for the ThermoTechnology™ logo for excellent energy efficiency.

Natural ventilation
Enjoy clean, fresh air, without having to open your window by pulling the control bar once to open the ventilation flap. This allows fresh air to enter, but maintains security and keeps rain and wind out.

Roof pitch
Top-hung roof windows are suitable for roof pitches between 15 and 55 degrees when installed with the correct VELUX flashing kit.

VELUX top-hung roof windows rotate a full 180 degrees and lock into place for easy cleaning of the outer pane from inside the home.


This window is available in the following sizes: GPL MK08