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Smoke ventilation - Innovative solution for a flat roof where smoke ventilation is required
The VELUX smoke vent dome is designed for buildings that need to meet safety requirements for smoke ventilation. Smoke ventilation windows are typically placed in stairwells and annexes where the smoke ventilation window will automatically open in the event of fire to release smoke and dangerous gasses from the building. The smoke ventilation window opens 50 cm within a minute. Suitable for roof pitches from 0-15 degrees.

We recommend the VELUX smoke vent dome for stairwells and annex connections, it automatically opens in case of fire to release smoke and gasses from the building.


Large opening for optimal smoke ventilation
The VELUX Flat Roof Smoke Ventilation window opens 50 cm to quickly release smoke and other harmful gasses in time-critical situations. The window can also be opened 15 cm for daily ventilation.


Durable materials
Durable polycarbonate material is extremely resistant to damage from hail, ice pellets and other extreme weather conditions.


VELUX Fire Control System 
The window is connected to the VELUX Fire Control System (purchased separately). Choose from three different control systems and a smoke detector to control smoke ventilation windows.


This window is available in the following sizes: CSP 100100 1073Q, CSP 120120 1073Q, ISD 100100 0110A, ISD 120120 0110A, ISD 120120 0010A.


How to achieve a successful installation 
Correct installation is essential for the success of your project. Therefore, we have made every effort to help you by creating easy-to-use installation guides. Download the PDF or watch the video for your VELUX product. If you cannot find the information your are looking for, please contact info@theroofwindowstore.co.uk

Download your installation guides and videos here.


Maintenance free PVC
Practical seamless design and use of PVC material helps keep the internal finish clean.